December 08, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 48

Day 330
This was our server during the cruise! Fox LOVED her and she loved him. She always made sure there was a special fruit plate with his favorites waiting for him before we came to dinner and made him special desserts! She got a lot of hugs and kisses during our cruise too!

Day 331
Family Selfie

Day 332
On our way back home!

Day 333
We decorated the Christmas tree and if we have an ornament left after Christmas, I'd be surprised! Fox thinks all the ornaments are balls and wants to play soccer with them. We might have to put a gate around it.

Day 334
My favorite boy at my favorite store! 

Day 335
One of the outdoor malls has fake snow falling down from the sky each night at 7, so we went to check it out and let Fox run wild with the other kids in the snow. It only lasted like 10 minutes but it was so fun, they had Christmas music blasting and realizing that I get to experience this with my own child made me all emotional and grateful at the same time. 

Day 336
Fox loves music and when Katie watched "The Wiz" he was completely captivated during the singing scenes! 
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