June 11, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 22

Day 148
Blowing Bubbles on the Patio

Day 149
 Fox and Grandpa save the day!

Day 150
We got a slip and slide and had a fun afternoon at Grandma's house

Day 151
We went to a new splash pad and playground near Katie's parents' house, but didn't last long because it was so hot!

Day 152
I could watch him sleep forever! I also always want to wake him up so we can play or crawl into his bed to cuddle with him! :)

 Day 153
It only took a month but he finally figured out how to drive his car! I hope he drives better when he gets his first real car...ha!

Day 154
 We went to a new play place in the mall and Fox loved it there! I was really nervous, because there were jump houses, ball pits and carpets everywhere and he wasn't wearing a diaper. He has been potty trained with no accidents for a few weeks now, but I still get nervous in places where the clean up might be embarrassing!

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