June 28, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 25

Day 169
Dinner and Escape the Room with these lovely ladies! We made it out in the nick of time!

Day 170
Our friend Marcela gifted us a summer full of Music lessons! She is taking the same class with her daughter and Miranda was happy to share all of her snacks with Fox. He wasn't too sure what to think about it. 

Day 171
Father's Day Dinner with my in-laws. We left Fox at home with Hannah for this one.

Day 172
We've been dealing with some health issues with Fox and took him to the doctor to get some answers. Fox took his doctor play set with him and our pediatrician was so sweet to play with him for a minute, which helped Fox with trusting him and being okay for the exam. 

Day 173
Can anyone guess who Fox's favorite Superhero is?

Day 174
Three years of foot print stepping stones in the making, I can't believe how much he grew. I might have to re-do the last one again, because I let the dough sit too long (because Fox was napping) before using it which caused it too crack. 

Day 175
Back at the doctor's office with another pediatrician.  This visit ended in a blood draw and stool collection, and Fox was not a happy camper about his first blood draw. It's been a few days and he still talks about how he didn't like the poke. Poor guy, I felt so terrible for him. 

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