May 18, 2015

Fox is 1!

I can't believe we have a 1-year old! 
Fox was very serious during this photo shoot and it was almost impossible to get a smile out of him, but I will treasure these pictures nonetheless. 
Happy Birthday Big Honey!

This teddy was given to me when I was a newborn in the hospital. My mom doesn't remember who gave it to me, but it's the only thing I have left from my childhood. We also took Fox's newborn pictures with it. 

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  1. He's such a cutie and he's going to LOVE you for the naked bum pictures *haha*

    How did Fox and Emilia turn one already? I'm sure I was just pregnant last week!!

  2. What a little sweetheart! These pictures are adorable. I've always loved the basket and balloon pics. :)


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