May 31, 2015

Fox | 12 Month Update

20.15 lbs (41%)


30 inches (48%)


Healthy as can be!


Big Honey, Baby Honey, Bubba, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle
Pretty much same as last month. I nurse mornings and nights and Matthias gives him a 6oz bottle of pumped breastmilk before his nap. We tried to slowly wean him off the breastmilk for his lunchtime bottle and have been mixing it with organic whole milk.

Eating is still a struggle and this boy is as picky as they come. Foods he liked last month, he doesn’t like anymore, but he’s still all about that bread. Hopefully it will get better soon. 


He got one more tooth this month, one of the bottom ones. We had three restless nights (the first ones since January) and then he was back to normal. So we have a total of seven teeth now. 


Same as last month: One nap a day, which usually lasts 2-3 hours. He wakes up between 6 and 6:30am and goes to bed at 7pm. He still sleeps through the night without issues, but like I said, due to teething, we had three rough nights.


Size 4


Mostly 12 month clothing and some 9 month pants.
He has learned so much this month. He now understand basic phrases, like “Where’s Cosie” (he will run to the patio door where Cosie waits to be let in), “Where’s Baby Fox” (he runs to the big “1” collage with his pictures and points), “Sit down please” (I say it in german and he sits), sharing, kissing, high fives and he learned to clap this month!


Dog, Car, More, Ball, Danke (the german word for Thank you)


Music and dancing, being outside, other babies and children, sleeping on his side and stomach, Cosie, bath time (only when we allow him to stand up in the bath tub), having his mommies attention, watching videos of himself, baby puffs, hummus, smoothies, yoghurt melts and any kind of carbs, cell phones and remotes, walking, playing peek-a-boo, Roomba (vacuum robot), his stuffed animal Cat in the Hat, shaking his head (like he’s saying “no, no, no”), opening cabinets and drawers, looking at pictures of Katie, me and himself on our picture wall, swinging and going to the playground, toy lawn mower, riding and sitting in his cozy coupe, being independent, running naked like a wild child in his room after his bath, splash pads, steps, drinking out of a straw, the Children’s Museum (we just got a membership), The very hungry caterpillar book, playing hide and seek under our kitchen table
The Sun (he sneezes and it makes him mad when it shines in his face), when we take something away from him, changing his diaper or getting dressed (basically anything where he is restrained), car rides (we got him a bigger car seat because he had outgrown his baby one and I thought it would make it easier, but he still hates driving), food of any kind

Fun things we did:

Fox has a jam packed schedule these days! Mondays, he and Matthias go to the Library, Tuesday to the Arizona Doll House, Wednesdays was Gymnastics (they just went on Summer break though), Thursdays is Baby Dance and they just started to go to the Museum every Friday.

We also had a bunch of playdates in the afternoons after I get off work with his friends and a lot of 1st Birthday parties! We went to the Zoo twice (it’s getting too hot now), had a few photo shoots with our photographer and ended his 12th month with the celebration of his 1st birthday! We had so much fun at his party!
He really took off running this month and is walking so well now. He loves to walk all over the house, but unfortunately, he still falls a lot and he’s getting a lot of bruises these days.

He learned how to clap and some basic commands. He also spoke his first german word this month (Danke – Thank you).

What we’re looking forward to:

We’re looking forward to a fun summer with Mr. Fox!



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