May 10, 2015

Cake Smash!

Years before I became pregnant, I knew that I wanted to do a Cake Smash, when my baby turns 1. I originally planned to just photograph it myself, but I'm so glad I changed my mind and hired a professional, because let me just tell you, it was the most stressful hour of my life (ok, not really, but it was a lot of work!). 
If you ever think about doing this, my advice to you is to bring a ton of wipes and helpers. :)

Fox's first birthday party theme is going to be "Dr. Seuss", so we dressed him up as the Cat in the Hat and hoped he wouldn't hate us for it later...haha. 


Here's my second piece of advice: Do not use fondant for a cake smash. The cake was absolutely beautiful (my mother in law made it), but it was way too hard for Fox to dig in, so we had to help him a little lot.

Seeing these pictures just makes my heart explode. I dreamt of this moment for years and years, and some days I still can't believe that this baby is mine...and I certainly don't want to believe that this "baby" is almost a toddler and is going to be one year old in a few days!  




I was so sure that he would go crazy over the cake, but surprisingly, he was not a fan at all and very hesitant. 


"I don't want this Mama, you eat it!"


"Am I done here?"


 I'm so glad we did it and have these pictures forever! 
I can't wait for his birthday party, but can I just keep him little for a while longer?
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  1. These are adorable! I'm attempting to do it at home, in a small apartment with only two of us...we'll see what happens as neither one of us is great with the camera.

    Btw, you have one chatty little man, can't believe all of the words he already knows, Emilia has none, just gibberish.

  2. These pictures are ADORABLE! I totally agree with you that helpers are a must for a cake smash session. For Gracie's 1st birthday cake smash we had the photographer, me, Georgia and our friend and still I was fighting to keep our kid from eating sticks along with the cake she was shoving in her mouth, lol! I love the theme you went with, it's just so cute.

  3. We ended up doing it at home and it worked out perfectly. It helped that Emilia didn't actually get very messy or tried to crawl away, but I'm happy with the result and it cost us about $15 in total :)

  4. These photographs are incredible!! On my daughter’s first birthday I also hosted a grand cake smash party at some outdoor venues in San Francisco. I can't believe she has turned 5 now. It really goes so quick! Anyway, thanks for the post!


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