May 03, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 17

 Day 113
I spy a bunny!

Day 114
We're in trouble!

Day 115
We had HGTV's Property Brothers at our Show and Mr. Fox was quite unimpressed by them.

Our staff



Day 116
Getting my second blog book in the mail made me feel so accomplished. 440 pages full of my sweet boy's pictures, I love it! If I had to make a guess, I'd say that I probably worked on it for hundreds of hours, but the end result is so worth it. I know I will treasure it forever and I hope my children will too one day.

Day 117
We no longer have a baby, Fox upgraded to a toddler car seat! He looks pretty excited in the picture, but so far, he's still not a fan of car rides.

Day 118
We celebrated Matthias' 21st Birthday at Benihana!

Day 119

Little boy with his big pear!
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  1. Yay, you made a blog book! There's just something about reading your blog posts bound in a book that feels great and it's a lot less stressful knowing that even if your blog was deleted or something happened, you won't lose everything. I love the 3 I've made and your post reminded me that I need to make one for 2014 (thanks!).

    Baby boy is adorable as always and getting so big! I can't wait to read all about his first birthday party. :)


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