June 10, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 23

Day 155
Giving his mommies the finger...haha! I swear, he loves bath time!

Day 156
This kid is showered with kisses each and every day!

Day 157
Sandi came by to bring me lunch and get some cuddles!

Day 158
My two loves! And no, we're not co-sleeping, I was already up and watched them! 

Day 159
Katie's dad keeps complaining that every time he comes over, Fox is asleep, so we had to take a picture in the two minutes he was actually awake! 

Day 160
My first day back at work, part-time for now. I knew it was time to go home after we had four outfit changes and ran out of clothes! 

Day 161
Love him!
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