June 20, 2014

Thoughts on Pregnancy

I thought I would never say this, but I miss being pregnant. I knew I would miss this amazing belly, but I never thought I would miss being pregnant. 
Pregnancy was rough on me. I was nauseous for four long months, then had a couple of good months, before the back and rib pains started for the last three months. Sleeping was a nightmare and I always said that it's probably going to get worse with a newborn, but honestly, I sleep so much better now than I did  back then. 
I remember thinking that it would take me a long, long time before I would want to do this again and if Katie would carry our next child, I would be thrilled. People always say your forget the bad things about pregnancy and childbirth immediately, and while I haven't forgotten about them, I'm ready to do this again. Not for a while of course. 
I became nostalgic looking at these pictures. In the first picture, we had just found out that we're finally pregnant and couldn't have been happier, what an exciting time that was! I was around 36 weeks pregnant in the middle picture and loved my belly so much! And here we are in the last picture, a few days after we brought our little love home from the hospital, I still can't believe that this sweet boy was growing inside me! We are so blessed! 
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  1. Emilia is 4 weeks and since week 2 I've been joking about doing it again, but sadly we aren't likely to be able to afford a second baby.


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