June 24, 2014

Fox | 1 Month Update

June, 14th, 2014

10 lbs, 5 oz

22 inches

Fox has passed all of his newborn screenings with flying colors, he’s been healthy as can be!

Katie has many nicknames for him: Big Honey (that’s the one she uses 99% of the time), Baby Hercules (because he is so strong), Baby Supermodel, Baby Genius and Big Stinky.
We also call him bubbas, Mr. Fox, honeybear, Mr. Grumpy Pants and Crunchy Face.

The beginning was tough. He lost too much weight in the hospital and we had to supplement with formula and I had to pump after each feeding as well, it was stressful! After my milk came in, we slowly cut the formula and replaced it with pumped breastmilk that we fed him in a bottle until he was about two weeks old when he exceeded his birth weight. At that point, I started breastfeeding again and it’s been going pretty well. Sometimes he has problems latching and he usually only feeds for ten minutes, but he seems to be gaining weight and has enough dirty diapers, so I’m thinking he is getting enough. He will eat every 2.5 – 3 hours during the day, sometimes closer, and goes 4-5 hours at night. We still feed him one bottle of pumped breastmilk a day (usually at night before he goes to bed) and he’ll eat 3-4oz.

I really can’t complain. Most nights, he only wakes up once and he usually sleeps anywhere from 3-5 hour stretches. Some nights, he will stay up for 1-2 hours though, but still better than having to wake up every two hours. He goes to bed any time between 8-10pm, wakes up around midnight – 1am and then sleeps until the early morning hours (any time between 5-6:30am). During the day, he is unpredictable. Some days he’ll sleep long hours during the day and other days, he is up for 6 hours straight! I’d love to get him on a schedule, but this kid seems to have a mind of his own and I don’t know how to do it.
He LOVES to sleep in our arms, his pack n play and bassinet, but hates his crib, every time I try to put him in there, he wakes up after a few minutes and screams bloody murder!

We just transitioned him to size 1 diapers, he wore newborn diapers for the first four weeks. He loves to get his diaper changed and last weekend we had our first projectile pee/poop incident, lets just say Katie, the pack n play and floor were covered in poop! We laughed so hard! After one month of mommyhood, being covered in spit up, pee or poop doesn’t phase us anymore.

His newborn clothes are getting tight and he mostly wears 3 month clothing right now. Some fit perfectly and some are still a little big on him.

He is so alert! Always looking around with big eyes, he loves looking at himself in a mirror and keeps eye contact. He enjoys laying on his play mat or looking at the mobile on his changing table.
He did his first social smile on June 10th, when Katie made funny faces at him and did it with me a few days later when I was singing to him. It’s the cutest thing!

Diaper Changes, looking at himself in the mirror, sleeping on his mommies, bouncy seat, bicycle legs, when we sing to him, looking at lights or the fan, rocking in the glider in his room and bath time!

When he doesn’t get his way! ;) His stroller, not being upright.

Recovering from the C-Section was tough. I was in a lot of pain for a few weeks and then developed a spinal migraine that put me right back in the hospital where they had to do a blood patch. Those first few weeks are a total blur to me and I’ve never been so tired, overwhelmed and happy all at the same time.
I still have 13lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m surprised that I still don’t fit in my pre-pregnancy “fat pants” yet.
I started working part-time when he was three weeks old and although it’s nice to be back at work, it’s stressful to juggle everything as well and I’m worried about going back full-time (I take him with me to work and/or work from home).

Katie has been great, right from the start. I couldn’t wish for a better partner and mom for Fox. She’s been taking care of both of us since day 1 and even the nurses in the hospital commented on it!
She’s an awesome mommy and very hands on with our little love.

Fun things we did:
We had lots of visitors this first month and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. It is so special to see other people love on him, it’s like nothing else!
We’ve slowly tried to leave the house, after being cooped up for a few weeks. We’ve been to dinner a couple of times, ran some errands and visited Grandpa. It’s Baby Steps for now, but we get more and more comfortable and it gets easier each time.

What we’re looking forward to:
Getting out more and starting swim “lessons” at 8 weeks!


  1. Why did you stop translating your posts in german?

    1. Because I'm back at work while taking care of a newborn at the same time, so I don't have time anymore. I added a translation button on the right side of my blog though! :)

    2. I didn't mean to be rude, I hope you didn't get me wrong. I was just curious.
      Do you have more readers in the US or germany? (and if you don't know for sure, what would you guess?)

    3. No, it didn't come across rude at all, no worries! I had a few people ask me actually! I think I have more readers in Germany, but I decided to keep it in english because a lot of people in Germany speak english (and I don't know many Americans who understand german) and it's easier for me to write in english these days! :) I understand that some people might be disappointed that I'm not translating anymore, but unfortunately I just don't have the time these days!

  2. Hallo Nadine, dein Blog ist echt super! Schaue immer wieder gern vorbei! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu eurem zuckersüßen Sonnenschein! Der Kleine ist ja total goldig! Viele Grüße Carolin


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