June 17, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 24

Day 162
Cuddles with my boy!

Day 163
Katie got me this necklace as my "push present". The front has Fox's name and the back is his fingerprint. I love it! 

Day 164
Playtime! He loves his play mat and smiles at himself in the mirror!

Day 165
BBQ with Katie's family at our house for Father's Day!

Day 166
Father's Day # 2 with the other side of the family!

Day 167
Coming to the office with Mama is hard work!

Day 168
Pediatrician Appointment. Besides a little heat rash, Fox is healthy as can be and weighs a whopping 10lbs and 5oz!

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  1. He's so tall! Emilia hasn't quite hit 10lbs yet but has got much chubbier cheeks and legs than your boy.

  2. Fox made room for new hair! :)
    E was born bold and he still kinda is since his hair is so blond you can hardly see it.
    What percentile is he at?

    1. He was 55% for weight and 97% for height!

    2. Sounds like E at his first doc appointment.
      We are at 99% and 97% now!!!!!!


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