May 23, 2017

Fox's Third Birthday

We anticipated this day for months, we counted down the days and a certain little boy was so excited about turning three years old. Yet, the night before his birthday, it hit me. He will never be two again. Tomorrow I'll have a three year old. While I had a two minute pity party for myself, I was so excited to see his face in the morning. 
The night before his birthday always feels a little bit like the night before Christmas. The rushing around, trying to get stuff done, staying up late, the anticipation of his smile the next morning... I live for this kind of stuff. It's one of my favorite things about being a mom.
His big birthday party was scheduled for a few weeks after his birthday, but we wanted to make this day special nonetheless. We all went to the dollar store the day before and let him pick out some decorations.

This little birthday train is a total mom fail of mine. I bought it two years ago in Germany and when I set it up last year for his second birthday, I realized, I didn't have candles for it. And what do you know...I had a year to get some and didn't. Katie even ran to the supermarket to get some, but they are such a weird size, that she couldn't find them. Well, maybe for his fourth birthday you'll see some candles on this train. 

His last night as a two year old, sleeping in his bog boy bed (we are still working on his room, so I will post some pictures when it is all done).

His face was everything I imagined and more. His eyes grew wide, he gasped and had the biggest smile on his face. It was so sweet!

One of our presents was a set of magna tiles and a light table. He plays with these at school all the time so we knew he liked them and he has played with them every day since. 

Waiting for his birthday breakfast!

We wanted to do something special with him, so we took him to Legoland for the very first time. Now, if you think Legoland like the one in California, then you'd be majorly disappointed with this one, but we kind of knew what it was all about and loved it.

It wasn't very crowded at all, we were able to get on the two rides they have right away and there weren't many people there on that particular morning.

We thought it was a great set up and already talked about potentially having his next birthday party there.

Fox is all about Space and Astronauts these days, so their Space Exhibit made his day.

Legoland is located inside a mall and right across from it, is the Sea Life Aquarium. We used to have yearly membership passes to it, but haven't been in a while and Fox really wanted to go in, so how can you say no to the birthday kid?

We walked the mall afterwards in an attempt to find lunch for us, but with Fox's food allergies, we weren't able to find anything he could eat (or would eat), so we got home exhausted and hungry.

See that toy? He saw it at the aquarium gift shop about four months ago and has asked to put it on his birthday list ever since. He never stopped talking about it, so when our friend Kristy asked me what he wanted for his birthday, I sent her the amazon link to this toy and she replied 'Done'! We met up with her and her son the day before Fox's birthday for a swim playdate and she gave him his gift. When he opened it, my heart burst into a million pieces. He was so, so happy and kept saying "I always wanted this"..."This is all I ever wanted!" It was so sweet. Definitely the best gift he received. 

But back to his birthday. Katie's Family came over for dinner and to celebrate Fox's Birthday and Mother's Day with us. 
Uncle Robert had fun with Fox's Magna Tiles as well...he worked on this tower forever...ha!

After dinner, it was time for Fox's most anticipated moment: Cupcake Time!

If I had to take a guess, I would say that he is thinking "What the heck are they doing?" Katie's Family has this weird tradition of singing Happy Birthday. They sing over each other, they make up funny voices, they sing loud, they basically make up their own little weird song and it definitely surprised him.

If you just noticed, that the candles are different in this picture...yes, we had to sing Happy Birthday twice because he really wanted these star candles on his cupcake.

He usually doesn't get any cupcakes, because of his food allergies, so we got him a special vegan one at Whole Foods, but I don't think it was very good, he only ate part of the frosting and then was done. 

We ended the night with running around the yard with his balloons like crazy people.

Well, no. Actually we ended the night with a trip to Urgent Care, because Fox had a reaction to the shrimp we had given him for dinner for the very first time. He only had one tiny bite, but it was enough to let us know that he is allergic, and when he stated that his heart and chest hurt, we knew we had to get him checked.
Luckily a big dose of steroids and benedryl later, we were able to take a happy and tired boy home.

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