April 05, 2015

Fox | 46 weeks

46 weeks old!

I apologize for the picture overload this week, but I just can't get enough of this little guy and I want to make sure all of these pictures end up in my blog book! :)




Big Honey figured out how much fun it is to empty out the bookshelf in his playroom. He was so proud of himself when he was done and honestly, I was kind of proud of him too (I'm sure that'll pass when he continues to do this for the next year or two! ;))!















Love him!


Big boy standing by himself! He also took his first steps this week and this Mama was proud and sad at the time. I just want him to stay little a little longer!

Fox's 1st Easter Basket

We got him some Yoghurt Melts, a new swim diaper, a few books, bath toys and a bunny sippy cup. 





The following pictures document his reaction to Grandma's video, that she recorded for him a few months ago when he was sick. She is singing a special song for him and he has loved it from day 1. So whenever I can't get him to smile, I play the video and his reaction is always the same...so sweet! He loves Grandma Sandie!





Dinner Time

Our little Easter Bunny! Another bittersweet milestone: Easter was his last "first" holiday. Please excuse me while I get some tissues...








He's my favorite! 
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  1. OMG - the pictures from behind, with bunny ears and tail, are the cutes. !


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