April 20, 2023

March iPhone dump

Some of our March moments...
My friend and I took our four boys to an indoor obstacle course/trampoline park that also had some skate ramps. Finn was a little scared to ride his scooter down the ramps, but then loved it. 

After drawing this picture, he stated that he was going to sell it to mom for $10. 

Happy hour with my "divorced moms group". Love these ladies!

Katie and I got Cosie in 2009, when he was six weeks old. He had been sick for a long time, and it was so hard having to say goodbye to him. Fox took it really hard, but we were all comforted by the thought that he is now running free with Zuma again. Until we meet again...!

My besties and I celebrated the beginning of spring break with a comedy show, and late night shopping. Well...late night for us old ladies, it was like 9pm...haha! It was such a fun, and much needed night out. 

Dinner with my boys’ diblings (donor siblings) and their amazing Mama from Utah. Unfortunately my kids were on a spring break cruise with Katie, so the kids weren't able to see each other, but I loved catching up with them.

I look at this picture and just remember how Finn lost his mind when we were having dinner at Dave and Busters. We played games, picked out prizes, and had dinner, but something was up with my little tornado, and later that night I figured out what...

Poor guy had an ear infection and we ended up in the emergency room for most of the night. He never complains when he is sick, but when he wouldn't stop crying for hours on end, I knew it had to be bad. 

He was feeling much better after they got some meds in him. 

I called him a party animal because he was up so late, and he thought it was so funny. Now, a month later, he still asks me if he can be a party animal, whenever he wants to stay up late.

I don’t get to go into Fox’s classroom often, so I loved being able to watch him dissect an eye. Plus…I never got to do cool things like that when I was in school! It’s safe to say that he won’t be a surgeon when he grows up, there was a lot of dry heaving, “eeeews”, and plucking his nose!

Finn and I made some sand art at Grandma's house.

Finn loves school, so when he started to cry one morning before school, asking to please not go, it was very odd and unusual for him. And of course I'm such a pushover, that I kept him home with me, although he had to accompany me to a doctor's appointment, and to study group with some friends at our library. It's safe to say that he didn't hate it.

The boys and I haven't been to a movie together in a long time. We saw ant man, and only 1/3 enjoyed the movie (Fox). 
Until next time...!

April 16, 2023

February iPhone dump

A look back at our February!

Some of my classmates and I volunteered for a few days at "Feed my starving children", and we all loved the experience. I want to take Fox next time!

Sweetest baby ever...when he's sleeping...haha!

And my other sleeping "baby". 

Just because I don’t want to forget these days with my little firecracker…! I was telling my friend how I’m still able to go to Finn’s class parties because he’s not embarrassed by mom yet. Fast forward an hour where I’m at said class party, minding my own business, and looking at the kids’ artwork on the wall. Finn comes up to me and says: “Stop being weird!” So much attitude in that little body. Good thing he’s so cute!

This picture is displayed in my school, incredible how times have changed...lol. I don't think I would've want to become a nurse with these duties.

I love these moments with my big kid, because I know my days are numbered.

All of the sudden he loves eating nuts, definitely better than candy!

He lives to make people laugh, he's such a character.

Valentine's Day with my forever Valentine's!

He loves being comfy, so I got him some new pajamas for Valentine's day, and he probably thanked me 12 times. 

Decorating a cookie, but he will only lick the frosting, and abandon the rest! 

Ice cream date!

Finn and I love a good treasure hunt at Goodwill. We found this marble run for $4!

The boys attended their first ever drop off birthday party. It was so weird to me to just drop them off and leave, but they enjoyed it (and I enjoyed my solo trip to Target), and I'm sure my friend who took all these boys by herself, is still recovering. 

April 13, 2023

Girls trip

My friends and I started to plan this trip last summer, and I was really happy and surprised that we were able to get everyone together for the same weekend. We decided to go to Sedona, which is only about 1.5 hours from Phoenix, and we booked the cutest AirBnb that was able to accommodate all of us.

We didn't expect it to snow, and it was absolutely beautiful. I think one of my favorite moments was when we were all in the hot tub late at night, there were so many stars, and all of the sudden it started to snow. 

We only stayed two nights, and we were well covered on the snack front.

We played some games on the first night, always my favorite.

Our friend Marcela also came well prepared, and brought tons of supplies to make vision boards. 

I really hope we can make this an annual trip, I love these ladies so much!