February 21, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 7

 Day 43
Big Honey learned how to stand up in his crib. That's him staring at the door, waiting for us to come get him, because he doesn't like to take naps! And yes, we did lower the mattress immediately after seeing this!

Day 44
Katie made him a smoothie for the first time and he loved it! This one has strawberry, banana, yoghurt and spinach in it. 

Day 45
A day at the Zoo with our friend Sandi and her grandson Liam. 

Day 46
Fox loves his grandpa Steve. They crack each other up. 

 Day 47
9-month pediatrician check up. He weighed 18lbs, 14oz...look at that double chin! 

Day 48
Hanging out with Aunt Ash while his mommies are getting a pedicure. She sent us this pic...pulling hair is one of his favorites! 

Day 49
 Does anyone else's baby look like this after dinner or is it just us?
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