February 08, 2015

Fox | 38 weeks

38 weeks old!
I always post these weekly pictures on facebook. One of my friends said, that she JUST started wondering, if I'm photoshopping the numbers on his onesie or when we will run out of these numbered onesies...lol. For those of you who wondered as well, yes, the numbers are photoshopped each week and I'm planning to continue with the weekly picture until he turns one and then turn them into a book for our coffee table! :) It also continues to be a running joke on facebook that I will still put him on a blanket with a white onesie, when he's 17...LOL.

My Valentine! 





No - he didn't actually have any of these, but he sure was trying! 




Playing at a friends house...other kids toys are always better than your own!




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  1. Well done for continuing the cute weekly pictures of him. I only really started when she was 12 weeks old and recently had to stop lying her on the floor because she hates it...she prefers sitting down.
    I also keep missing weeks but hopefully I will still manage a nice little photo book for her(and me).

    Emilia would have snatched those chocolates quicker than you can blink, she wants to eat anything and I'm almost at the point where I need to sneakily eat a cookie or else she has a mini tantrum if I'm not sharing!

  2. The photos are sooo cute! :))) He will be a ladies man for sure! :D

    xx Anna


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