February 10, 2015

Weekend Re-Cap!

We had such a great weekend! Don't you all hate Mondays? Every Sunday night, I get the "Sunday Blues" because I don't want the weekend to end. I love my job, but I love hanging out with my little family so much more!

Our weekend started out by picking up our new au pair, Matthias, from the airport. Fox came all decked out in his welcome wagon!

 Saturday morning we took a walk to the park with this cool dude!

They are already best friends! Fox used to have "stranger danger" from time to time, depending on the person, but with Matthias, he felt comfortable at once and didn't even notice if Katie and I were there or not, he could've cared less! So awesome!

Saturday afternoon, we were invited to a baby Valentine's Day party. 
Fox and Harper

In the past, Fox used to get easily overwhelmed in these kind of situations, whether it was too loud for him or too many babies or other people, I don't know. But for the first time, he didn't care at all, he was happily playing the entire time, which made us so proud and happy! Our little boy is growing up! 

Poor Matthias didn't know what he was in for, when we tagged him along to the party. LOL! We love our moms group! 

Love these two!

Our friend Kristy, who hosted the party, did such a great job with decorating. She built a kissing booth for the babies, which was oh so cute! 
I already owe him like $100,000…I just can't get enough kisses!


Fox and his friend Aria! 

"Hey, let me pull your hair!" 


We had so much fun!

The next morning, the fun continued with a playdate at the park with some other gay moms. We don't have any gay friends in Arizona, so it was nice to meet other families like ours and eventually for Fox to see that there are more families like ours.
Those two had a blast swinging. Their daughter is only two months older than Fox. 

First time on the slide!

We ended the day with a barbecue at Katie's mom's house!
3 more days until the next weekend…but who's counting? :)
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  1. Regardless of their particular family structure, I think it is super important that children understand that families come in many different varieties. Despite us being the classic "mommy-daddy-baby-doggie" family, I am planning to expose my daughter to other, non-traditional families. I think it broadens their mind and teaches them that the traditional approach isn't necessarily the best.

  2. Which au pair agency are you using and why did you choose them? We're looking into getting an au pair next year as well!

    1. We used Cultural Care. I used to be an au pair with them many years ago and have a friend who works for them, we also liked that they have many other au pairs in the area. I was a community counselor with EurAuPair for 7 years and didn't like them at all. Pricing seemed to be very similar between agencies as well. Make sure you ask what kind of discounts they have going on right now, there are always promotions and we got around $900 off.

    2. We are leaning towards Au Pair in America right now because we met the person who coordinates our area and she seems lovely. But we are also going to meet up with the CC coordinator and then go from there. Thanks for your advice!

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