February 05, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 5

 Day 29
Giving Aunt Ashlie Kisses for the first time!

Day 30
Me and my handsome dude!

Day 31
Family Dinner captured by the "Selfie Stick"...so far we don't love it (we got it for Christmas)!

Day 32
We finally got a couch for the playroom...wohoo! We had to move a giant book shelf out of there, because it wouldn't fit with the couch, so now we have to decorate the wall. The carpet is perfect for Fox to roll around on, that's all he does these days!

Day 33
Our co-worker Chris gave us this Burberry Onesie for our Baby Shower. It finally fits and you can't tell, but he's also wearing his Burberry Shirt, so we had to take a picture of the twinsies. 

Day 34
Aunt Ash came over for our weekly "Bachelor" Night and read Fox his bedtime story.

Day 35
 Miss Harper and Mr. Fox had a date at the Zoo!
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