February 10, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 5

Day 29
The pickiest eater ever (besides me) tried Tri-Tip for the first time! I would've bet Katie one million dollars that he wouldn't try it, but when Katie ate dinner, he wanted to have a bite, and then proceeded to eat half of her meal! Who is this kid? After every bite, he would say "mmmm" and rub his belly, like it was the best thing ever!

Day 30
It was a beautiful day and we went to the Zoo! I spy three monkeys (one of them being Fox)! 

Day 31
We finally got our outdoor lights up (we only bought them in October...haha) and had a BBQ with the family outside.

Day 32
Mr. "I don't need naps" fell asleep in the car after we took him out of his crib because he was still wide awake, even though he had 90 minutes of "rest time". Typical. Mama enjoyed some quiet time with him in the car, waiting for him to wake up and starting to plan his second birthday party (I can't believe we're almost there! Eeks!).

Day 33
I had a super busy week at work, so after picking up Fox, we returned to the office, so I could get some more stuff done while he watched an episode of "Barney". 

Day 34
Fox's friend Matthew came over to try out Fox's new bouncy house and he was not pleased! Look at that pouty face, every time Matthew would touch one of his toys, he would make this face and go stand in a corner to pout! Ha! 

Day 35
Making vegetable/fruit muffins with Hannah
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