February 06, 2016

Fox | 20 Months Pictures

Fox is 20 Months old!
(I totally bribed him with an M&M to take this picture...just keeping it real!)

Now, these pictures are a little old, but they were taken during Fox's 20th Month of Life (December 15th-January 14th) and since I'm two weeks late with this post, they seem even older, but need to go in the Blog Book! :)

Another photo shoot, another snack. People always ask me how I get him to sit still, so for this picture, I taped puffs to the inside of the book. The struggle is real!

So you don't think he only takes pictures for snacks, he took these with no prompting! :)

Okay, so I realize I'm losing all credibility with the next pictures...haha!

Eating Santa's Cookies

His buddy Jake joined in on the fun!

Obviously the milk spilled about 2.3 seconds after this picture!

I just had too...

...he'll probably hate me for these later! ;)

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