February 14, 2016

Sea World

A few weeks ago, we took a weekend trip to San Diego with the Family.
The drive with Fox was stressful as usual, but it helped that Grandma and Grandpa drove with us to keep him distracted.
We arrived in the late afternoon and drove to La Jolla to do some shopping and see the seals by the ocean. Katie's brother Brett, his girlfriend Emily and our au pair Hannah came as well!

It was a little chilly, but a beautiful day!

The next morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Sea World!

Fox loved touching all of the fish and sharks in the little pools right in front of their entrance. 

We saw all of the Shows and Fox especially loved the Whale Show

Riding some rollercoasters while Mr. Fox napped

The best investment we made that day was to purchase the all inclusive food pass. It was $20 and you could eat and drink as much as you wanted, which we took full advantage of. The food was great too!

They had a little kids place in the park, where we could've spent much more time than we did. We were in the park from opening until closing and still didn't feel like we had enough time there.

It was a short trip, but we had a lot of fun. It's a lot of work for just two days though, I'm not a fan of driving with Fox, but I'm sure it'll get better as he gets older. Totally worth it though, we love making memories with the entire family (although we missed Ash and Brad) and are so grateful that they could join us! 
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