November 30, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 43

Day 295
Trip to the Fair!

Day 296
On this day, I finally finished Fox's Chucky Costume. Phew, I swore, I will never ever make a costume myself. Let's see what next year brings! ;)

Day 297
Fox and I were playing the yard when an airplane flew by. Fox loves airplanes and got really excited, pointed and yelled "Wow". When it flew away, he asked for "More". I explained to him that the airplane went away and we'll have to wait for the next one and the kid lost his shit! 
He ran all the way over to the pool fence and pouted for three minutes straight. Wouldn't even look at me! Haha. He has a lot of attitude in that little body, I'm telling you!

Day 298
We spent the day with Katie's family and went to dinner that night. Love my little family!

Day 299
I think I mentioned this before, but Fox loves to pretend drive in our cars. It's his all time favorite thing to do!

Day 300
My little helper is cleaning the carpets with me!

Day 301
We went to the park to play and look at the ducks!

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