December 01, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 44

Day 302
Our friend Kristy works for a Candy Company and totally hooked us (or should I say our trick or treaters) up this year! I couldn't believe how much candy she dropped off! Low and behold, every last piece was taken at the end of the night, we got TONS of kids!
I think my favorite moment of the night was, when this one kid yelled down the street: "Guys, Guys, they have full size candy bars!" and then another kid asked me if we were rich and when I told him no, he said only rich people give out full size candy bars! Haha. 
Kirsty said she'll hook us up again next year, so we don't get TP'd! Ha!

Day 303
Our friend Sandi gave Fox this little slide and he has been playing on it ever since. 

Day 304
Halloween Party at our house!

Day 305
Katie and I went shopping and found this Doener place in our mall! Oh my goodness, I've been searching for Doener for 9 years and never found anything that was comparable, but this one was SO good! The service there sucked, so we're hoping this place stays in business, even if we have to keep it in business ourselves! The first week, we went there three times! ;)

Day 306
Our little guy was feeling under the weather, so how could I say no, when he hugged this little (singing) pony at the store so tightly and asked to take it home? 

Day 307
Fox got diagnosed with an ear infection and was feeling miserable! A bath in our big bathtub was all he needed to cheer up though! That, and antibiotics! ;)

Day 308
Grandma babysat Fox and he found this old baby walker in her closet. He used to love it when he was little and turns out, he still loves it. The only difference is, that now he picks it up with both hands while standing in it, and walks around. Haha. 
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