October 02, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 36

Day 246
This kid loves to play superhero. All day, every day. 

Day 247
Dinner with the family

Day 248
Fox, aka Batman, helped Mommy make a peanut butter smoothie

Day 249
We went to the trampoline park and there was a tornado simulator that Fox wanted to try out. He absolutely loved it and was laughing the entire time.

Day 250
Beautiful sunset and my beautiful boy

Day 251
This picture is blurry and my hair is a mess, but I love it, because we are both so happy.
(At the Children's Museum)

Day 252
Someone is excited that after 10 weeks, we finally have a countertop. At this point, we are running five weeks behind on schedule...gee. 

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