October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Pumpkin Patches always hold a very special meaning to me. For years, when I wanted to have a baby, and then when we tried to have a baby, I imagined our little family at a pumpkin patch. It's just one of those things that you don't really get to do when you don't have kids (I guess some people do, but I just didn't see the sense in it for me). 

Last year, we went to three pumpkin patches, but Fox was still so little that he couldn't do anything, but this year was a whole another story. He had a blast!
Playing in the corn box

This is his new face, whenever he says "woow" (which he does a lot!)

Matthias' family is visiting from Denmark and joined us!

Katie's parents joined us as well! 

Going up the big kid slide with Matthias, if we would've let him, he would've gone up and down 153 times! 

Grandpa Steve was very happy to lug all of our stuff around...haha

Fox is all about jumping these days, look at his determined little face! 

Stuck in the Corn Maze

You might remember Frida, Matthias' little sister. She's Fox's first love. He was so upset when she left in June and we didn't think he would remember her, but oh my, were we wrong! He follows her around everywhere she goes, he checks her room constantly, whenever she is not home (to see if she is back) and he gets so giddy and excited whenever she's around! We are already sad that she's leaving in a few days. 

My love!

Picking out the perfect pumpkin!

We had such a fun day and my heart was just exploding the entire time! I love this kid and getting to experience all of these things with him for the first time! 
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  1. I am with you on that. It was a first for me too a few weeks ago. E loved the farm animals and the tractor was his favorite!
    Fox is so adorable! The jumping picture is the best!

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  3. I'm catching up here and just read through 3 pumpkin patch posts, lol! You really do love visiting them and I totally get it! There is nothing cuter than little ones running around on the farm. :)


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