July 20, 2015

A Weekend with Friends!

Last weekend, my friend Julia visited us from Tucson with her two kids. We had so much fun!
After they arrived on Saturday, we headed to the Butterfly Wonderland. One of our three kids actually enjoyed the butterflies, one was only interested in climbing stairs (Mr. Fox) and the other was deathly afraid of the butterflies.

Aww! This melts my heart! Both of Julia's kids loved Fox, they were so incredibly sweet to him and I loved seeing them interact with each other.

Three babies in jammies, ready for bed! Funny story: Lexi wanted to take a bath with Fox, so I told her she needed to ask her mom if that's okay. She came back and told me her mom said yes, so I put her in the tub with Fox. One minute later, Julia comes in and asks what she's doing in the tub...lol. I got tricked by a 2-year old...haha.

The next day, we went to the train park.
Ready to ride the train!

Mr. Independent

They have a really cool (and free) train museum at the park and it's just awesome! Fox loved this little train and just ran back and forth on it, smiling from ear to ear.

My favorite picture of the weekend! ;)
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