August 22, 2014

One Year

One year ago today, we were full of hope, worries and excitement. 
One year ago today, this little love bug was a 5-day old embryo that was transferred into my uterus where he would make a home for the next nine months. 

Here I am, one year ago, right after the embryo transfer! You can find the original post about this day here!

It's amazing, how a ball of cells can become this amazing little guy that we love more than we could've ever imagined. 
Today, I'm feeling very sentimental thinking about this day. 
I look at this beautiful baby and I'm so grateful to our amazing doctor and Katie. It was the end of a long, emotional journey and it ended just as it was supposed to be.
We're truly blessed!
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  1. It's amazing isn't it :)

    This month is full of anniversaries for us too, the next one is coming up next week-1 year since that faint second pink line on my pregnancy test. We are truly blessed!

    I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by, our babies are 3 months old already!

  2. Congrats..... I am very glad for your success. Thank you so much for sharing inspiring real story.


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