August 28, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 34

This series should seriously be renamed Fox in 2014! When he turns one, it's safe to say that we documented each and every day of his first year!

Day 232
Everything goes in his mouth these days.

Day 233
Our first walk in his "big boy" stroller. We used a bassinet before which he hated, so we decided to try the seat and what do you know...he LOVED it! It was also our first walk outside, the AZ heat decided to give us a break and it was a "refreshing" 94

Day 234
Napping in his car seat after music class, it wipes him out every single week.

Day 235
No one can make him laugh as much as Katie!

Day 236
A visit with grandma and grandpa. That's Katie's dad he is laughing at, he thinks he's hilarious. I know he's only three months old, but this kid already knows who he likes and who he doesn't like. It's always the same people he cries for and Grandpa is definitely one of the people he adores!

Day 237
Oh my, how far we've come. Fox fell asleep on this pillow on my lap and Zuma decided to come lay with us...totally random. He wasn't even interested in Fox at all, who would've thought?

Day 238
This kid has more Fox items than we can count. For some reason, people just keep giving us Fox themed stuff...I wonder why? We love it all!
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