March 13, 2018

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

February 28, 2018

How far along:
16 weeks

Baby is the size of an:

Total weight gain:

Maternity Clothes?
Still wearing regular clothes with some maternity clothes mixed in here and there.

Stretch Marks?
None. I think I have to switch stretchmark lotions though, because the smell of mine makes me nauseous.

Has been a little better this week. Only getting up once for the bathroom now, which has been great.

Best moment of the Week:
We announced the gender on social media and everyone was so excited for us! I also had an ultrasound this week, which is always super exciting. The baby was much more chill this time around.
I also had a really fun brunch with some friends at my favorite restaurant.


Food Cravings:
Salads, Pancakes and Bagels with Cream Cheese are still a hit as well.

Belly Button in or out:
Definitely in.

I will post our gender reveal pictures soon!

Reading back my pregnancy update with Fox at 16 weeks, made me realize that I felt better by now. Which kind of freaks me out, because I have been getting worse over the last week or so and throw up almost every morning now. Super weird. But, there is nothing I can do about it besides hope that it will pass soon.
Still tired, but could be worse.

Anything Making you queasy or Sick?
Eating, not eating, driving, certain smells…but I’m feeling queasy pretty much every minute of every day.

Have you Started to Show yet?
You wouldn’t be able to tell when you see me on the street. The bump is there, but I mostly wear loose fitting clothes.

What I miss:
The usual. Energy, feeling good, sleeping through the night.

What I'm looking forward to:
My anatomy scan is scheduled in two weeks, which is a 45 minute ultrasound. While I’m nervous that they will find something, I’m excited to see our baby a little longer and hopefully feel some peace about the health after.

What I'm not looking forward to:
It’s Show Week again, which means long hours, a weekend full of work and no rest. Katie is going on vacation in about a week, and I’m freaking out a little. I’m totally fine taking care of Fox by myself over an extended period of time and have done so multiple times in the past, but I get so sick at night and already feel sad for him to not have his wild playing buddy each night. He’s excited though and asks me every day how many more days, he said we will have lots of playdates and a sleepover in my bed every night…haha.

You can find Fox’s 16 weeks pregnancy update HERE!

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