April 30, 2017

Mud Pies

Last week, my friend Kristy invited us to make some mud pies.
I wasn't sure if Fox would like to get dirty and if I had to take a guess, I would've said he wouldn't get into the mud, but he proved me wrong!

The boys had so much fun together, they seriously giggled and laughed the entire time.

These water spray bottles were the hit...look at both of their tongues - pure concentration!

Here they are spraying Kristy, they thought it was hilarious! 

Kristy's community pool was right next door, so we were able to shower these dirty boys off and go play at the playground afterwards!

I just love seeing him so happy! I would say that he prefers to play by himself and he can be shy at times, but they played their hearts out and it was the best thing to watch. 

And catching up with my sweet friend while the boys played wasn't a bad thing either!

We had dinner at their house and played for a bit, and before long it was way after bedtime and we had to call it a night. My heart was seriously so full when we left....it was just what I needed after a rough week!

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