February 04, 2017

Life Lately

Life Lately has been busy and while nothing too exciting has happened, I wanted to update my little blog before another month goes by! Can you guys believe it's February? So here is a random post with a few pictures from our month!

At the beginning of January Hannah left us to go back to Germany. I was always worried about the day she would leave, but we got into our new routine pretty seamlessly and it has been great. While we loved having her here, it also feels awesome to have the house to ourselves again, something we didn't have for a very long time.
My work schedule changed so we could accommodate Fox's school hours. He goes to school five mornings a week and has to be picked up by 12:30pm. The reason we decided not to leave him there for the afternoons is because the difference between half days and full days is a nap and a snack and we couldn't see why we should pay $400 extra a month for a nap that he doesn't even take anymore (he would have to stay on his bed for two hours while the other kids are napping). Anyway, without boring you too much with the details of my new work schedule, I now get to pick him up at 12:30pm three times a week and my mother in law picks him up the other two times and keeps him until 5pm. Those first few weeks were hard. I haven't worked until 5pm in over two years (spoiled much?) and not being able to see Fox for the entire day made me really sad and was hard on me. I love the three afternoons a week we get together and I still wish I would be able to work part time instead of having to start work at 5am every morning, but it is what it is. I know I'm lucky to be able to have this adjusted schedule and I'm grateful for it.

Fox is doing pretty well in school. Some days he tells us he doesn't want to go, but he always seems happy when we pick him up and we love receiving pictures from his day every day. This last week has been the best so far and he was so excited to go to school every day.
Unfortunately there was one incident at school that made us second guess our choice of school. Fox's school is a private school and is way more expensive than other preschools, in fact, we pay almost double for half days compared to what our friends pay at their schools for full days. We always figured for the hefty price tag, we would get a better education and better care for our sweet boy. So when the director of early education gave Fox gold fish crackers for a snack, even though she should've known that he was allergic, all hell broke lose. We asked for a meeting with the principal, which didn't make us feel much better about the entire situation, not only did they not have him on the allergy list, they also had incorrect phone numbers on file for us, apparently our file got mixed up with someone else's.
So we started looking at other programs, but haven't decided what to do for the next year yet. The thought of having him change schools is killing me, he just made friends there, he likes his teachers and putting him into a complete new environment makes me sad for him.

Disney On Ice!

My Etsy business has been keeping me busy this month as well, which has been amazing. It was the busiest month since I opened my little shop in July of 2015 so all my nights have been spent working on orders.  Here is the link to my shop if you would like to check it out:

And if that's not enough, we have also started the process of another remodeling project. I know, I have barely recovered from the last one and the thought of starting it all over again makes me anxious!
We have two small guestrooms right next to each other and we decided to take out the wall and make it into one large bedroom with an attached bathroom for Fox. He is very excited for his "Big Boy Room" and we are hoping it will be ready by his third birthday.
When we first started talking about it, I thought it was going to be no big deal and that the mess would be contained to those two rooms that we are not using anyway, but it turns out that we have to rip out the entire playroom floor and part of the hallway in order to lay new plumbing. Eeks!
So this month we got ready for this big undertaking and have been selling everything we had in those two rooms and purged/cleaned out closets, etc. It felt like I was nesting. I used to think I was a hoarder, but it has been feeling great to get rid of things and getting stuff out of the house that we haven't touched in years.
We already picked out bathroom cabinets and plumbing fixtures, but still have to decide on floors for the playroom and Fox's new room. Stay tuned!

He snuck his work goggles into bed tonight and this is how I found him when I went into his room to check on him before bed


  1. Welcome back! I missed your posts!

    1. Thank you! It feels good to be (somewhat) back! :)


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