August 27, 2016

Fox's "Back to School" Pictures

These might be my all time favorite pictures. 
With Fox's first day of preschool approaching, I wanted to get some pictures done to remember this stage of his life. I wasn't even planning on going to this photo shoot, because I had already paid for another "Back to School" Photoshoot on the same day, but when the photographer posted a picture of the set up the night before, I quickly changed my mind and I'm so glad I did. 

I've been very nervous about him starting school soon. He is such a shy little guy and I'm worried it will be a nightmare. I'm sure in the first few weeks it will be (just like his swimming classes), but I hope that he will grow to love it quickly and makes friends, has fun and learns a lot.

He will start out going two mornings a week and then five mornings a week starting in January (unless Hannah will stay with us for another year, in that case, he would continue going two mornings a week).

We visited his school once to get him familiar with the environment and play there, but he was not a fan at all and kept asking to go home. Hannah will take him one more time before he officially starts and then we will see... I have anxiety just thinking about it!

But I also know in the end that he will be fine and that this new transition is good and important for his growth. I will keep you posted how it goes! :)

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