August 24, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 33

Day 225
My fearless child! He kept yelling: "I'm flying!"

Day 226
Such a sweet boy, I wish I would get these kind of hugs from him! Can anyone guess where we are? :)

Day 227
Katie snapped this picture one morning after we had a rough night with Mr. Fox. He usually doesn't sleep in our bed, but he had a night terror and sometimes, when it's 4am, this is the easiest solution to get everyone in the house back to sleep!

Day 228
When did he become such a big boy?

Day 229
Another day at swim class with Coach Joe. Fox really enjoys going now and he has made such huge improvements in the last couple of weeks. He can float for 20+ seconds and fall into the pool and then swim back to the wall and crawl out. It's amazing (and terrifying) to watch!

Day 230
In Germany, we have a tradition where children receive this "Schultuete" filled with lots of goodies on their first day of school. I really wanted Fox to have one, but couldn't find the time to craft one before our trip and he starts preschool right when we get back. So of course our amazing nanny Hannah came to the rescue (as she always does) and made this for Fox. So grateful for her today and every day! I can't wait for his first day of school now!

Day 231
Fox's buddy Liam was visiting from the UK and it was so sweet to watch these two play together. I don't get to see him play with other kids often, because he prefers to play independently, but he loves bigger kids. In this picture he is showing us his superhero pose.

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