August 09, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 31

Day 211
Best $2 ever spent! I found this little soccer game at Goodwill and knew Fox would love it. He has been playing with it ever since and it's so cute when he tells us "Cheer me" (Cheer for me).

Day 212
Jumping for Joy

Day 213
Katie took Fox to the trampoline park and sent me this picture...look at that crazy hair!

Day 214
Gelato Date with Mama! He kept asking me "Where's Mommy's ice cream?" so we had to bring her some to work!

Day 215
We've had some good monsoons here in Phoenix and Fox loved to watch his first lightning.

Day 216
These two had so much fun teaching me all about Snapchat

Day 217
This tractor made his entire day! Seeing him so happy made mine!

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