May 11, 2016

Mexico Trip

After every Home Show, we get a 3-day weekend to make up for some of the overtime from the week before, so we decided to head out for a quick trip to Mexico before it gets too hot. 
We used to go a few times a year, until we had Fox. We took him twice before and it was a disaster each time, so we haven't been back in 18 months. We were excited to show him the beach again and hoped he would love it.

The car ride there was a dream. He fell asleep almost right away (we left at nap time) and slept until we got to the border, where he was woken up by the border patrol agent.
We got there in the late afternoon and immediately went to the beach (their family house is right on the beach, which makes it perfect). Fox was in heaven! He was smiling from ear to ear and squealed in delight! There weren't many times in his life where I have seen him this happy! But see for yourself!

GG bought Fox some sand toys and he had a blast digging holes in front of the house. 

He kept pulling us back to the water multiple times a day. It wasn't even that hot and pretty windy on top of that, but he didn't mind one bit. Every once in a while he told us he was cold and wanted to go back inside to be "comfy cozy". 

We brought a batman kite and he was interested in it for all of 5 seconds!

The waves were unusually high and at some point he got a little scared of the water and didn't want to play in the waves anymore. 

Katie and Fox were sitting in a little pool of water (or mud) and splashed each other, it was hilarious. I'm so grateful for Katie and that she is a different kind of mom than I am. Of course I would've sat in that pile of mud too (what wouldn't I do for this kid?), but I'm so glad I didn't have too...ha!

We went into town twice to eat (it's about 20 minutes away from their house) and this one restaurant had a little cave that you could walk through and it was super dark and kind of scary in there. I told Fox that I was scared and he held my hand and told me "Mama be alright!" Oh my word, I never heard anything sweeter in my life!

He was pouting here, because it was 7:30pm and he still wanted to go in the water and we told him that it was bedtime and the water was too cold. 

We had such a great time and Fox slept awesome as well (I'm always worried about him sleeping somewhere else, when in reality, we hadn't had a problem with that in a year). On the second day, I think he was ready to go home, because he asked to go to "Soxy's neighborhood", but when it was time to pack up, he got very upset and wanted to stay. 
We hope to go back for Thanksgiving this year and make more family memories! 


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder und Fox ist sooooooo niedlich :)

  2. Wooow. Everything looks so beautiful. From the beach over the sunlight to your LO.
    Great Trip and great pictures!


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