May 28, 2016

Fox's Second Birthday

Fox's Second Birthday fell on a Saturday, which was just perfect, because we got to spend the entire day with our little birthday boy! 
We had talked about him turning 2 for weeks leading up to his birthday, we talked about his soccer birthday party (although he told us a few days before the party, he now wanted a basketball birthday), how everyone would sing "Happy Birthday" and he told us he would blow out the candles and everyone would clap. He was ready and he was excited! 

The night before his birthday Katie and I were busy blowing up balloons, hanging decorations and wrapping his parents. It felt like the Night before Christmas to me and I couldn't wait to see his face in the morning (although I would've preferred to see his sweet face at 7am instead of 5am...haha)!
He loved running through the streamers, back and forth, back and forth!

We let him open some of his gifts that morning and he was pretty much over it after his first gift and just wanted to play. 

We got him a small tennis racket (because he loves to play with ours), a new water bottle, a superhero cape, a stamp set and his big gift (which you'll see at the end of this blog!). 

Katie made him a special birthday breakfast of French Toast with Sprinkles. Needless to say, he requests sprinkles with every meal now!

He also opened gifts from Hannah, my family and some friends who had mailed their gifts to us.

After his nap (well...he actually didn't take a nap but had "Rest Time"), we wanted to give him his cupcake and sing Happy Birthday as a family to him, because his party was later that day as well and we wanted to make sure we celebrated with just us beforehand! 

Blowing out the candle, he was a pro after all the "pretend" practicing!

His big gift was this sweet little ride! Someone was selling it for $50 on Facebook through one of my mom's groups and I got so lucky to snatch it up, because there were like ten people after me who wanted it too! It is in excellent condition and I knew he would love it!
This face says everything!

He hasn't figured out how to push the pedal to make it go, but he has fun with it nonetheless as you can see in this video. He was so excited and kept telling our dog: "Look Cosie, a car!"

We had an awesome morning and I think he did too!
His Birthday Party is coming up next!

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