April 17, 2016

Mama & Me Pictures

I think I mentioned it before...I found two local photographers that offer mini sessions like once or twice a month. Ever since Fox became mobile, it has been hard to get him to sit still, and by the end of my attempt to take one decent picture, we are both frustrated and I'm drenched in sweat. 
So while I still take a lot of pictures of him, I'll leave the posed ones up to the pros (at least most of them). And when there is an opportunity for once for me to be in the picture with my favorite guy, instead of behind the lens, then I'll call that a win-win.
This one was a "Mommy and Me" Session, ten minutes for $15 (how can you say no to that???).

He loves the "Finding Waldo" Series and seriously finds Waldo every single time! He is always so proud and gives high fives and laughs, so I knew the book had to come to get some great natural smiles out of him! :)

We have another Mommy & Me Session this weekend with our favorite photographer and I can't wait!

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