April 12, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 14

Day 92
Fox had a lot of fun playing the drums with his friend Lucy! Her mom is German as well and speaks German to the kids, which I love!

Day 93
Katie and I had a Date to go Horseback Riding! First time for both of us! It was amazing!

Day 94
My friend Lindsay had her second baby girl and I brought her some dinner and of course got to meet this precious princess!

Day 95
Playdate at the Park! Fox and Miranda kept yelling at each other through this little tunnel, they were so funny together!

Day 96
Washing his car one hot afternoon

Day 97
Story Time with Mommy. He always asks her to read German books, so she is forced to make up a story, which she does amazingly well! I love watching these two!

Day 98
Another picture of my loves! Such a sweet moment (that lasted for about five seconds!)

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  1. Haha, we have 'Mama books' and 'Mummy books' too and E. always makes mummy read the German ones :)


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