February 28, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 7

Day 43
Fox had a fun day at the train park!

Day 44
We went to dinner with Katie's family and visited the Botanical Garden afterwards, since they had a special exhibit going on and we got free tickets through work. Note to self: Taking a one year old to the Botanical Garden is not a good idea...with all of the cactus, it was a full time job trying to keep him safe, because he did not want to sit in his stroller and was more interested in climbing on everything. 

Day 45
We went to the zoo and ended the night with a beautiful sunset at a nearby playground. 

Day 46
We met some friends at the park and Fox was so sweet trying to hold Grayson's hand. 

Day 47
Fox loves these giant stuffed animals at Babies R Us. He stood right beside the elephant and told us to take a picture of him....haha. He is my kid after all. 

Day 48
Fox got his first Valentine in the mail! (From his friend Catalina)

Day 49
A quick trip to Butterfly Wonderland with my two faves! 
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