February 24, 2016

Fox | 21 Month Update


Had a little cold this month, but nothing too bad. He asks to get his nose wiped now, it really bugs him when he has a runny nose. He also busted his lip this month, when he fell face first on the concrete outside. It looked pretty bad, but he was a trooper!

Bubba, Turkey, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle, Bossy

While he is still a picky eater, I feel like we made some minor improvements this month. He tried a few new foods (and shockingly loved the tri-tip Katie was eating) and has been eating a lot of vegetables, if we give him pouches with vegetables in them. Not ideal, but I’ll take it…we need to get those veggies in however we can!

No new teeth this month, he has 16 now. Scared about those 2 year molars.
We are back to normal…I can’t even tell you how relieved I am. I bought some black out shades and he has been falling asleep within minutes ever since.
He developed a lot of requests for nap and bedtime now, i.e. he has to have Mickey and Minnie, his lovie, little blanket, big blanket, pillow and a song (or five). He even pats his back now and demands “Rub my back”. I cracked up the first time he said it. He knows if he keeps asking for stuff, we stay longer, so he keeps asking for more songs and more blankets in the hopes that we stay with him. We usually stay for a couple of minutes and then walk out, which sometimes is ok and sometimes results in crying. Overall, it’s still easy to put him down though and he went back to napping for about three hours.
A few times this month he woke up at the butt crack of dawn though (between 4-5am), so we went in there to make sure he hasn’t soaked his jammies, gave him a diaper change and then he would go to sleep until his regular wake up time. For the most part, this has improved and he usually sleeps until 6:30am.

Size 4

24 months Shirts and 18 months pants, Size 6 Shoe

He got very social this month. He loves his friends (Grayson is his best friend) and asks for them all the time. He tries to hold hands with other kids and asks them to play with him. It is so cute!
Sharing has become somewhat of a challenge. While he shares with us all day long, he gets very pouty when another child plays with his toy. He will share when we ask him to, but is kind of protective over his stuff now.
He certainly had a little sass and attitude this month and will communicate what he wants very clearly.
Fox also has his first girl crush! Our neighbor girl Lola is eight and those two love each other. He asks for her all day long, they hug each other, he gets shy around her and he even invited her inside to play in his bouncy house! Last week, he told us “Lola cute”…oh boy, we are in trouble! I love the relationship they have, it’s so cute!
This month, he also turned into a cuddle bug and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s mostly in the mornings and at night, but I’ll take what I can get!
He showed a lot of compassion this month, i.e. when another child gets hurt. I hurt my foot the other day and said ouch, and he said “sorry”, even though he wasn’t the one hurting me. He also saw that I didn’t have a pillow and my head was resting against the headboard, so he made sure I had one too!

I’m so amazed by his speech. Our doctor tells us at every visit, that Fox’s speech should be delayed because he learns multiple languages, but when I see him with same age kids, he is right on track, and in some cases, speaks more than other kids his age or older.
While he speaks more English than german, he has a lot of german words that he uses instead of the English one. Some that come to mind are decke (blanket), kissen (pillow), schwimmen (swim), rot (red) and essen (eat). He certainly understands both languages and having a german au pair has also helped me in speaking more german to him. Most of his favorite books are in german and we also listen to german music in the car.

A few things I wanted to remember this month:
  • Yelling “yeah” when he’s excited and wants to do something
  • Said Mommy for the first time and it sounds so cute when he says it “Mommeeeee”
  • Says “Almost” when he misses his basketball goal
  • He used to say Dog, but now switched to the german word for it and I love it
  • His favorite word is “play”, all day every day, even if he wakes up at 4am, he will pop out of bed and say “play”...haha
  • Aunt Ashlie taught him to say “peace out”, when he counts and we show him fingers, he will count “1, peace out (because the number 2 looks like a peace sign), 3”, it’s hilarious
  • He calls himself “Socks”
  • Says “Coco” for our dog Cosie
  • Peanut Ball for Peanut Butter
  • Kindergo for Kindergarten
  • Says “no way” instead of just No
  • Says Bouncy Beam instead of Balance Beam

I love this age!

Music and dancing, being outside, bigger kids, sleeping on his stomach, Cosie, baths in his mommies bath tub, being the center of attention, watching videos of himself, playing hide and seek, playing soccer, baseball and basketball, being independent, reading books, balls, riding those mechanical cars in the mall, climbing, playing Mini Golf and Hockey, playing Cars, Carousels, drinking out of a big cup with a straw, Tackling us, the Zoo, Gymboree, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Barney, Soccer Class, reading books in Mama’s bed, his bounce house, his Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals, his blanket, Bubbles, Stickers, painting, play-doh, his color stacker, helping mommy make coffee on his kitchen tower, being dragged around on a blanket through the house, giving Cosie treats, GRANDPA, playgrounds, his BFF Grayson, playing vacation (which is all three of us walking around the house with our carry on suitcases…he loves it!), his baby doll

Putting lotion on after his bath, when we don’t allow him to do something, when we go inside after playing outside, trying new foods, when someone he loves gets hurt, diaper changes, long car rides, washing his hair

Fun things we did:
We took a family trip to San Diego and visited Sea World, we took his Valentine’s Pictures (times 3), went to the Botanical Garden and celebrated his buddy’s second birthday! We also started swim class this month and so far he loves it.
He peed in the potty twice this month!
He has an amazing memory, i.e. we saw a Sponge Bob commercial and he remembered that he watched like five minutes of it with Grandpa in San Diego. He also remembers which books he received from his friend Grayson and when he sees a picture of our dog Zuma (who passed away last April), he will say “Zuma”. He also finishes parts of his books or remembers the words. I told him the other day, he should “read” his book to Grandpa and I couldn’t believe when he did and recited the first two pages of it! Granted they were just multiple words, but I thought it was pretty impressive…and maybe I’m just a biased mom;)). He also knows the words of the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.
He can count to three (in english and german) and knows some of his colors, but mostly calls everything blue, he knows yellow and red for sure (but uses the german words for them).

What we’re looking forward to:
Nothing special planned this month, just enjoying every minute we can get with this funny little guy!

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  1. I find this age so fun(yet so challenging), Emilia sure knows how to push my buttons and test my patience, but her giggle attacks make it all worthwhile.

    I finally wrote an update too, really been neglecting the blog, which is a shame as I hardly remember any of her milestones :(


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