November 11, 2015

Halloween 2015

On Halloween weekend, Fox, aka Chucky, invited some of his best buddies for a Halloween Party at our house. 
We got really lucky with the weather and it was cool enough for us to have the party indoors and out!

Robber and Bag of Money! I loved this costume!

In usual Fox fashion, he was really shy at first and stayed in his bouncy house, just watching everyone, for the first 20 minutes of the party. 

All of his friends had a lot of fun playing with his toys!

Fox loved our friend Carissa. He let her carry him around and held her hand, it was so sweet!

Fox also got a kiss from Snow White! Here she is, getting ready to plant one on him!

I'm not sure if she liked him or was just trying to convince him to give her a turn in the Cozy Coupe! ;) Fox didn't know what to think of this either!

All the ladies, minus a few who showed up later. 

This picture seriously melts my heart!

Picking the perfect drink! 

We had so much fun and we love having all of these awesome people in our lives! 

Later that night, Katie's family came over to go trick or treating with us.
I was surprised that Fox carried his bag all by himself most of the way. 

After the first house, he knew what to do and loved it!

Picking the perfect candy, that one of his Mamas will eat later...haha. 

He only got scared at one house where they had a fog machine, but other than that, he did great. He knocked everywhere, said his version of "Trick or Treat" (that sounded like "Tekateet") and collected his candy. 

After we returned home, we gave out candy to all the neighbor kids and he was obsessed with opening the door and giving them candy. It's been days, and he still runs to the front door, asking for "Tekateet". Sorry Buddy, we'll have to wait until next year! 
This Halloween totally exceeded my expectations of what I thought it was going to be, with him being this young! 
I loved every minute of watching him!
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