November 29, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 42

Day 288
Waiting at the dentist for Fox's second check up! Everything looked great and he did awesome!

Day 289
Ashlie, Brad, Katie and I went to a Garth Brooks Concert. Apparently Ashlie and Katie are huge fans. I didn't know any songs and thought the concert was pretty cheesy. Not a fan!

Day 290
Waiting with my boy for Gymboree to open.

Day 291
It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, so we decided to go to a local play place that Fox loves. 

Day 292
Pumpkin Patch Fun with Fox's buddies. 

Day 293
We had to run some errands after work and took a little play break at the playground at the mall. 

Day 294
As you all know, Fox was Chucky for Halloween. After we bought his bride, he carried it around for the rest of the night. He loved her. LOL
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