September 26, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 38

 Day 260
We spent the afternoon at Gymboree Open Play! How handsome is this little guy?

Day 261
I had a really rough week and going out with some of my "old" friends was just what I needed that night. Catching up, laughing until we were crying and five hours later I left like a new person! 

Day 262
Aunt Ashlie took Fox to the toy store and this is what happened! It was like Christmas Day at out house! Fox loves this little train, but he sure is spoiled!

Day 263
We went to the Science Center, since they had free admission weekend, but it was way too crowded and he was still way too little for it!

Day 264
Matthias and Fox, they sure have a special bond! 

Day 265
I took Fox to the park after work and he had so much fun! We took his Radio Flyer wagon (the park is like 10 minutes from our house) and he loves riding in it. I can't wait for cooler temps and getting out more!

Day 266
 I got really sick on this day and had to stay home. I was grateful for two things that day:
1. Having a nanny (last time I got sick I had to take care of Fox and it was hell)
2. My sweet co worker Sandi who left me homemade Chicken Soup by the front door. So thoughtful!
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  1. Ein hübscher, großer Junge! Und so schön zu sehen, wie gut er sich mit Matthias versteht!


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