September 24, 2015

Fox | 16 Month Update

Will find out at his 18 month appointment!


Will find out at his 18 month appointment! 

We thought he had a cold a few times this month, because his nose was running like crazy a few random days, but I think it was just due to teething, because he was fine otherwise.
Big Honey, Bubba, Turkey, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle 

It’s getting better and he’s eating and trying more foods than before, but I would still consider him picky. His favorites this month were fish sticks, chicken, blueberries, apple sauce, yoghurt, bananas, smoothies, strawberries, kiwi, Carmela’s Chicken (it’s a Pasta Dish we get at Macaroni Grill and the kid is obsessed), grapes 

He cut four more teeth this month, poor guy! One of those four is still trying to make its way fully through, but the other three have made it and Fox has now an (almost) full mouth of teeth. 16 total…whoaza!

Besides a couple of bad nights due to teething, he has been sleeping awesome! He even improved in the mornings and now usually sleeps in until 6:30am, which is HUGE, compared to his 5am wake up time a couple of months ago. You know, just because I wrote this out, he will go back to 5am…lol.

He has been really enjoying spending time in his crib and I never thought this day would come, but he loves to go to bed now. We still give him a bottle at night and when he’s done, we ask him, if he’s tired (he shakes his head no), ask him if he wants his lovies (shakes his head no again) and then, if he wants to go to bed, which is when he gets VERY excited and nods. That kid is ready to go! I love it! Some nights, he still rolls around in his bed, even sits up sometimes to play with his lovies, but goes to sleep relatively quickly.  

Size 4 

18 months, Size 4 Shoe

I feel like the tantrums have gotten a little better, maybe because he can communicate better what he wants?

He is still very shy in group settings and classes, but sometimes surprises us and goes out of his shell. The other day, at Gymboree, he immediately ran to the parachute and sat on it with the other kids, as soon as it came out, when usually he just sits on my lap and runs back to me when I put him on there by himself! 

Dog, Cat, More, Ball, Danke (the german word for Thank you), Done, All done, Nein Nein (No No), bye bye, down, Bitte (german word for please), Wow (oh my goodness, it’s the cutest thing I ever heard and it’s currently his favorite word)


Music and dancing (his favorite song is “Hoppe Hoppe Reiter” – german song), being outside, bigger kids, sleeping on his side and stomach, Cosie, bath time, having his mommies attention, watching videos of himself, cell phones and remotes, playing peek-a-boo, playing hide and seek (he always hides in the back of my closet and thinks he’s invisible, so funny), Roomba (vacuum robot), his stuffed animals, shaking his head (like he’s saying “no, no, no”), rolling his eyes at me, opening cabinets and drawers, his play kitchen, looking at pictures of Katie, me and himself on our picture wall, toy lawn mower, our vacuum cleaner, Baseball bats, play phones, playing soccer, riding and sitting in his cozy coupe, being independent, steps/stairs, drinking out of a straw, the Children’s Museum , the Aquarium, Open Play at Gymboree, Flowers (he asks to smell them), reading books, balls, Little People Toys, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, riding those mechanical cars in the mall, climbing
When we take something away from him, changing his diaper or getting dressed (basically anything where he is restrained), brushing his teeth, putting lotion on after his bath, kisses from our dog Cosie (I don’t blame him, he never quits!)

Fun things we did:

This boy is still really busy while we’re at work: Story Hours at the Library, Baby Dance, Children’s Museum, Aquarium, Soccer, Gymboree, Play Dates, Splash Pads…you name it, he’s doing it.

We had a lot of playdates with his buddies this month, went to a Baby Shower for our friend Nikki and spent lots of time with his grandparents
He’s so fun! Again, this was my favorite month so far and I love spending time with my little dude!

He learned how to really nod his head this month and communicate “yes” to us (he doesn’t say it yet though), which has been huge! He also spoke his first two word sentence (All done) and learned how to roll his eyes at me. Seriously, where did he learn that? The funny thing is, every time I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, he immediately rolls his eyes at me, what the heck? LOL.

He also started climbing this month, nothing is safe anymore. He now climbs on the Lego Table, the couch and even tries the Dining Room Chairs. You can’t leave him for even a second!

Aunt Ashlie taught him how to blow kisses (so sweet) and he also started to pretend eat food (he acts like he’s eating his plastic kitchen food and even makes yummy sounds). Growing up so fast!

What we’re looking forward to:

We are so excited for Fall/Halloween Time. Pumpkin Patches, Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating, we can’t wait!

We also have Fox’s first trip to Disneyland planned and will spend about three days in the Happiest Place on Earth! We can’t wait to see his big eyes in awe when he meets Mickey for the first time! We’re still taking bets if he’ll be terrified or excited!

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  1. Emilia loves shouting 'all done' I never even though about it being a 2 word sentence, they're so smart!!


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