June 13, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 23

 Day 155
This boy loves his dogs. Everything is "dog" these days and he gets really excited whenever he sees one! Even if they're not real!

Day 156
Fox's great grandparents gave him a dwarf citrus tree for his birthday. They planted it together and showed him how to water it. Ever since, he is obsessed with his watering cans, carrying them all over the yard. I love the sweet smile he gave me at the end and him shaking his head, like he's going to do something he shouldn't be doing!

Day 157
Our local Aquarium had annual passes for sale last month and for $22.50, we couldn't resist. We went for the first time last weekend and it was just perfect for Fox. It's not super big, but also not crowded, dark and cool and Fox was able to run around and look at everything at his own pace. We loved it and see lots of visits there this summer!

Day 158
The grandparents came for a short visit! 

Day 159
It was Katie's grandma's birthday and we all went to dinner at the Hyatt. Fox wasn't to happy to sit in his high chair for two hours, so I took him outside and we played on their beautiful yard. He had so much fun climbing all of the stairs and trying to climb in their fountains! 

Day 160
My mom gave him this shirt a long time ago, it's actually underwear and came with some big boy undies, but we loved it as tank as well and who needs an undershirt when it's 110 degrees out? 

Day 161
 Another visit at the aquarium. He loved this little cave and is pointing at the fish in the aquarium above him!
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