December 30, 2014

Alaska Trip

Katie's dad surprised us with a long weekend in Alaska right after Christmas. 
We left bright and early the day after Christmas and wondered how Fox would do on the flights (one was 3.5 hours long, the other one about 2.5 hours).
He was such a trouper! He didn't cry, didn't even fuss once, and was just happy as can be to play with his toys and sit or stand on our laps. We were so proud of him!


The first night, we went to a family reunion. Katie still has a lot of family living in Alaska (Anchorage), she grew up there and her dad still owns a house there as well, which is where we stayed. 
We thought for sure that Fox would lose it, Alaska is 2 hours behind Phoenix, and by the time we left for the reunion, it was already 2 hours past his bedtime. Katie's family was so excited to meet him and he was passed around all night, again, totally content and happy, until he fell asleep five hours past his bedtime...eeks! 



 Some of Katie's cousins (and brothers)!

The next day, Rodney and Nikki took us sightseeing. It was so beautiful, absolutely breathtaking!
Sunrise at 10:30am...the only thing I didn't like about Alaska was how dark it was all day long!




 Some sheep on the mountains.



It was chilly!


Fox was sleeping in the car! :)




 There was this pipe coming out of the mountain where you could collect drinking water, apparently there is no cleaner water than in Alaska!

Two moose we met along the way.

 You can see the moose in the background, Katie kept warning me about not getting too close to them, since they aren't friendly!

We met up with some family that night to eat pizza and again, I was so proud of Fox to just "roll with it", there was not a single moment during our trip where he got mad or fussy, even though he would've had more than enough reason to be. 


Our final day was spent sledding, which was the worst idea ever. But see for yourself. 
That's Katie rolling down the hill.

 At least she's still laughing!

And that's me...

I literally thought I would have to go to the Emergency Room. My neck and back are still super sore and it was just a bad idea all around. 
Katie has not only posted this video on facebook, but also watched it about 583 times since...apparently it's the funniest thing she's ever seen.
I do like Nikki's sound effects in the background though! :)



Fox's first time in the snow!

We all had a great time and Fox got loved on by so many!


 It was a great trip, but it's always nice to come back home!

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  1. Diese Natur! :O Alles Gute fuer 2015!

  2. Sooo beautiful! I love Alaska :) Great Fox got to experience snow at such a young age!! What did he think of the cold?

    I am a bit confused about Katie's family situation. You say she has 3? Could you explain that? It gets confusing while reading your blog. Thanks!

    1. He didn't mind the cold and loved being in his little snow suit! We didn't spend too much time outside though.

      Katie has three families: Her biological dad and stepmom (Steve & Sandie) with her siblings Ashlie and Brett, her biological mom Rene with her brothers Robert and Christian (plus Rene's boyfriend Patrick) and then her stepdad Rodney (who she grew up with her entire life) and his girlfriend Nikki (who we were in Alaska with). Hope that makes it a little clearer...I know it's confusing! :)

  3. I swear, your family gives the best gifts ever! Awesome blankets, vehicles and trips to Alaska! Amazing! The first time I watched the video I could almost feel the pain. The second viewing was pretty funny, lol! How great that Fox was such a trooper. :)


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