November 28, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 47

Day 323
Poor Baby was sick all day and had a fever from his shots the previous day. All he wanted to do is sleep and cuddle (I secretly enjoyed the cuddling part, even though I felt so bad for him), so Grandma Sandie sent him a video of herself singing to him. He LOVED it! It was the first time that day we saw his little smile and now, over a week later, he still loves the video. It's our "go to" for long car rides when he gets mad, every time we play this video he lights up and gives us his biggest smile. Such a special video!

 Day 324
Our friend Julia who used to live with us, came to visit from Germany and we had dinner with her and some friends at the Cheesecake Factory. It was so good to see her and we hope that it won't be another 3 years until she'll be back!

Day 325
Renovations continue....we're making progress. Here's your first sneak peak of the new tile!

Day 326
Ashlie babysat for us and Katie and I snuck out for a little date. It was nice to actually chew my food before swallowing it, and to not have to hold a baby during a meal, but we were also glad to come back to our boy after a few hours away.

Day 327
First day eating solids. We started with oatmeal, which he didn't hate (or particularly liked), but he got a rash from it right away. You can see his red cheeks in the picture and he also had it on his arms, so we stopped after that first day to let it clear up and decided to try something else a few days later. 

Day 328
Let's hope this gets wrapped up soon, because I'm eager to decorate for Christmas! 

Day 329
 Eeks...the demolition of the fireplace has started!
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  1. Does the cereal come with formula already mixed in? Ours does and I just prepare it with water, maybe if yours does, could it be a slight dairy intolerance(since he hasn't had formula before?)

    My friend's baby had a rash when he was a baby and his mum nursed him exclusively, she ended up having to leave dairy out of her own diet and his rash got a lot better.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I just mixed dry cereal with breastmilk. We also tried green beans and sweet potato since and he just hates it. I hope he'll like it eventually!


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