September 23, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 38

Day 260
Fox with our co-worker Joelle! He is quite smitten with her, in case you can't tell!

Day 261
Mr. Fox fell asleep while I was nursing him. I love his little sleepy smile and his "milk mustache" on the side of his face. 

Day 262
We love bath time! 

Day 263
We went to a Vintage Show and had so much fun! Katie bought herself an "Alice in Wonderland" Clock (as she calls me it looks like a refurbished door handle with a key dangling from it...ha) and we also got a wooden Growth Chart Ruler for Fox's playroom.

Day 264
More Shopping for Antiques left our little man exhausted! We found a small wooden rocking chair for Fox and some Christmas presents for Katie's mom!

Day 265
I can't decide who is working harder!

Day 266
I have no idea what he is doing here...funny boy!
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