September 20, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 37

Day 253
Hello, 4-month sleep regression!
After a week of literally no sleep, we did what every sleep deprived mom would do: We searched the internet for that magic solution! A couple of days later said solution arrived in the mail in form of "Magic Merlin's Sleepsack"...I mean, if it has the word magic in it, it must work, right? 
It's supposed to hinder babies from startling themselves at night and I love my little baby astronaut! The first night, Fox slept a glorious eight hours straight, which was like a miracle in itself, since we got used to 1-hour intervals. The next few nights were not as good, but still better than before, so the jury is still out, if the Magic Sleepsack is truly magic! 

Day 254
If it wasn't for Katie, I would eat cereal for dinner every day! She made Pumpkin Gnocci and we had her mom and brother over for dinner! It was so good!

Day 255
Workin' for a Livin'! I keep telling him he needs to pull his weight at the office, so he did! Ha!

Day 256
Dinner with my Loves! We're going for the Senior Special these days...eating at 5, so we can be home in time for Fox's bedtime!

Day 257
We had a playdate with Fox's buddy Noah and girlfriend Harper at the Children's Museum! :)

Day 258
4-month Pediatrician Appointment. Little Man didn't know what was coming...Shots are never fun, but he did awesome and it went so much better than his last set of shots! 

Day 259
Katie makes sure she teaches him the important things in life, like chewing his feet! She said, she'll show this video to all of his future girlfriends!
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  1. Haha, he's an adorable little astronaut!!
    We've been using sleepsacks since she was just a couple of weeks old and it gives me the confidence that she can't get tangled up or lose her covers at night. Ours come with a guide on what to dress baby in for sleeping depending on the bedroom temperature, that way I know she won't overheat.

    I hope for you that he starts sleeping through soon, not sure there's a secret to E sleeping for an 7-8 hour stretch every night, but (I know it's controversial) things definitely started improving when we started feeding her formula before bed.
    I don't believe in dream feeds, though they work for some of my friends.

    Yay, for partners who cook for us, mine cooks my dinner every night while I breastfeed or entertain E and in the early days she used to cut up my food and occasionally feed me while I was feeding ;-)


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