August 21, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 33

Day 225
Joelle's Birthday Lunch with the Office

Day 226
I can literally do whatever I want with this kid and he will always give me a smile, even if I put him in a basket!

Day 227
He already knows that Mommy is the funniest person ever!

Day 228
Fox thinks the baby in the mirror is pretty handsome...I totally agree!

Day 229
Brunch with some mommies and their babies! 

Day 230
He LOVES when Katie tells him "secrets", it's hilarious!

Day 231
Not sure what he is thinking, this shark is pretty scary looking, but if he's anything like his mommy, he will love shark week too!
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  1. Just catching up and loving all your pictures of Mr. Fox. Is this kid photogenic or what? If there is one thing that stands out in all of your posts it's the immense love and support you all have from family and friends. What a blessing. Fox is a lucky kiddo. :)


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